About us

Our objective

Among the objectives of the Foundation are:

  • Primarily, to receive and administer funds for educational, medical, and charitable purposes, all for public welfare and for no other purposes;
  • To preserve and promote Iban culture, arts and language;
  • To conduct research, and to provide intellectual materials or education tools such as publications, for scholars and future generations;
  • To collect/record, transcribe, translate and interpret all forms of Iban folklore for study by contemporary scholars and future generations of Iban in particular;
  • To perpetuate the memory of the late Tun Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Temenggong Jugah anak Barieng.

Organisation Structure

The administration of the Foundation is carried out by five different Departments namely, Oral History, Textile, Museum and Galllery, Library and Archives, and Publications.

General Activities

Aside from the activities carried out by the various sections, the Foundation is also involved in organizing other activities together with the State Government or other organizations. Among the past general activities are as follows:

  • 1988 Iban Cultural Seminar, Kapit, 27 - 30 June
  • 1989 Hosted the First Extraordinary Meeting of the Borneo Research Council, Kuching Hilton, 4 - 9 August
  • 1993 Iban Cultural Seminar, Sri Aman, 27 - 28 June
  • 1998 Iban Cultural Seminar, Bintulu, 23 - 24 October

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