The Library is a reference and resource centre for Iban studies comprising a core collection of materials on Southeast Asian Studies with special collection on all subjects especially on crafts and weaving. Basically, it is a private library, but it has become a resource centre for local and foreign researchers and students who come and conduct research on Iban studies such as oral tradition, crafts and textiles weaving. University students who undertake research at the Foundation are encouraged to submit a copy of their thesis to the library.

Library Collection

The initial collection in the library was from the personal collection of the Chairman which was later built up with emphasis on materials on Borneo and Iban studies. The Foundation also received materials from private collectors, researchers from the Borneo Research Council and other researchers who wish to find a place to donate their books and research works. Contributors to the library collection include Tan Sri Datuk Amar Leo Moggie, Dr. Robert Pringle, Dr. Vinson H. Sutlive, Dr. Reed Lee Wadley, Dr. Peter Mulok Kedit, John Landgraf and other private collectors. Other collections in the Archives are photographs, oral history, and Iban oral tradition materials.

Cataloguing and Classification

Cataloguing System: AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules) Second Edition
Classification: Dewey Decimal’s Classification System. 20th Edition.

Archive Collection

A storehouse of records and other collection of the Foundation: primary research materials, photographs, tapes (open-reels and cassette tapes), video recordings, official documents, old and rare monographs.

The bulk of the collection consists of Iban field notes by Derek Freeman (1949-1851, and 1957-1958). The other collection includes tapes on oral history and oral tradition recorded and collected by the Research Department.

Member of k@Borneo

The Foundation is also a member of k@Borneo, a regional cooperation on the development and sharing of information on Borneo since 20th November 2006. It is a collective effort to collaborate internationally on the identification and preservation of Borneo materials with participating institutions from the countries in Borneo.