To serve as a reference library for members, college and university students, and local and foreign researchers affiliated to the Foundation.


The larger part of the collection includes monographs and other materials on Borneo and West Malaysia. Other materials are on general subjects including Philosophy, religion, Social sciences. Selected journals and periodicals available are:

  • Arts of Asia
  • Borneo Magazine
  • Borneo Research Bulletin
  • Borneo Review
  • Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the

  • Royal Asiatic Society Review (recent Volumes only)
  • Jurnal AZAM
  • Sarawak Gazette
  • The Sarawak Museum Journal
  • Studies in the Third World Societie

Cataloguing and Classification

Cataloguing System: AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules) Second Edition
Classification: Dewey Decimal’s Classification System. 20th Edition.



Serve as a storehouse of records and other collection of the Foundation: primary research materials, photographs, tapes (open-reels and cassette tapes), video camera recordings, official documents, old and rare monographs.


The bulk of the collection consists of Iban field notes by Derek Freeman (1949-1851, and 1957-1958). The other collection includes tapes on oral history and oral tradition recorded and collected by the Research Department. The rest of the collection comes from Professor Vinson H. Sutlive and Reed L. Wadley.


Digitization of rare materials or books, a joint project with Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, Kuching (2007 onwards).

Member of [email protected] (2006)

[email protected] is a collective effort to collaborate internationally on identification and preservation of Borneo materials with participating institutions from the three different countries in the Island of Borneo (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Malaysia).

One of the projects of the [email protected], which commenced in 2006, is the selection and compilation of a bibliography on thesis and dissertations on Borneo.