Categories: Iban Publications

(1997) Compiled by Robert Menua Saleh.
Published by The Tun Jugah Foundation.
Paperback, 617 p.

Contains full texts of varieties of ritual incantations. Written in classical Iban. Timang is all about the invitations and arrivals of the principal spirit guests at major ritual festivals proper (Gawai Amat/Asal) and dream rituals (Gawai Mimpi) organized by the Iban who are still observing their traditional beliefs. Symbolically, the lemambang(bard), in his invocations, takes his fellow celebrants and listeners through spirit territory and eventually introduces the principal spirit guests to the festival. The spirit guests are invited to bless the proceedings and to bring benefits on all concerned, conferring charms for so many purposes.

Written by Robert Menua Saleh