Categories: Iban Publications

(2002) Compiled by Jantan Umbat and Janang Ensiring.
Published by The Tun Jugah Foundation.
Paperback, 382 p.

Contains a complete text of shamanic chants recited by a well-known and experienced Iban shaman, Manang Bangga anak Anggat of Debak, Betong, Sarawak. The book has information on the background and origins of Iban shamanism, including information on Iban’s traditional beliefs. These traditional beliefs necessitate the practice of the traditional shamanic ceremony called the belian and the subsequent existence of the chants, the pelian. In this book, there are altogether 58 episodes of the wonderful chants. Each episode has its own synopsis bearing the purpose, proceeding and significance. All the episodes are full of poetically structured stanzas which normally end in neatly patterned rhymes. The chants are indeed a repertoire of the rich literature of the Iban language which subscribes to the effectiveness and mystery of the healing power of the shamanic practice.

Written by Jantan Umbat and Janang Ensiring