Categories: Iban Publications

(2000) Compiled by Robert Menua Saleh.
Published by The Tun Jugah Foundation.
Paperback, 218 p.

Written in classical Iban language. Contains full texts of major varieties of Iban dirge, Sabak Bangkai and Sabak Lumbung, commonly used in Kapit and Sibu Divisions of Sarawak. Sabak is a dirge. It is a poem of ament for the dead, narrating the journey of his/her soul from the land of the living and the dead called Sebayan. In this book, professional singers of the dirge will be taking the readers, together with the soul of the deceased, along the journey between these two worlds, passing by the various dwellings of forest and abodes of the sacred birds and animals, etc.

Written by Robert Menua Saleh